April 6, 2014

0 honey, let me sing you a song

A little bit of what I am loving lately.....

Party Hard by Andrew W.K.

Santa Monica by Everclear

It's About Time by Young the Giant

Hello Darling by PV Nova feat. Shaolin Temple

From Bump to Buzz by Tom Fletcher

Dance/Work Mashup by Britney Spears/Aaron Paul, Zen Freeman, Tom Neville

That last one swears a lot. But man! It gets me pumped at the gym. And having Aaron Paul as part of a song is wonderful.



April 3, 2014

2 I'm still alive

I know it's been a long time....but I can finally make a post because I finished my first quarter of PA school! It is crazy to me how fast time has flown by. I got the grades I wanted and I have a little break in-between quarters, so I am a pretty happy girl right now.

For my break, I came to visit my mother-in-law in California. Our first order of business: go shopping and then visit the Aquarium of the Pacific! I'm pretty glad I'm not the only one who totally loves aquariums and zoos.

Every time I go to the aquarium, I think of how much I wanted to be a marine biologist when I was younger, and how cool it would be to be one now. I'm definitely the weirdo who wishes I was the one telling people about the animals, or was researching the newest species of jellyfish.

Also, I can't get over how WEIRD things in the ocean look. Seriously, why do we keep looking for aliens when we have all these crazy underwater animals?

^^^my mother-in-law touching the sharks. I did too. They were strangely smooth and very meh about you petting them.

^^^I wish I had a better picture of the adorable otters they have, but man! those guys can book it.

^^^I got bit by a lorikeet because I was trying to move his/her food. They're sassy little munchkins.

Also, D got a new job for the state of New Mexico that he wanted, so we were pretty excited about that. Things are going really well for us, and I am really liking my program and my classmates. Not a lot more to tell us about, since D works and I study 90% of the time. The other 10% is dedicated to watching awesome TV shows (House of Cards guys. New favorite show of all time.), movies, and hanging out. We still haven't quite gotten used to New Mexico, or figured out things to do there yet. But we have figured out that they have some aaaamazing food. Seriously. I could recommend ten restaurants pretty easily.

Much lurve, and I'll try and post more soon!


January 9, 2014

0 the little engine that could

This is a rare, picture-less post. I just wanted to write today.

On Sunday, our little '98 Honda Civic died.

We knew it was coming. We have been saving up for months just in case it happened. We even cheerfully talked about new cars and colors, what we liked and what we didn't. But secretly, we both loved our little Honda Civic. It was reliably, it was little, and it was just what we needed.

The tragedy struck at six pm. We were on our way from Salt Lake City to Albuquerque. It is a long distance, but our car had made it from Salt Lake to Meridian, Idaho and back again a month or two earlier with no problems whatsoever. It was a pleasant surprise, and we took it as a sign of good things to come. Instead, what felt like late at night, I noticed that our car was heating up. I wouldn't have even noticed it if we didn't have a repair earlier in the year in which our mechanic told me to make sure our indicator never got higher than halfway. Our needle was above that, and climbing. We stopped the car. "Probably the oil," we agreed. We hadn't put in much, and it needed more.

D bravely decided to jog into the town closest while I waited with the car. We felt like town was two miles away. "Not far," we agreed. I read and worried in the car. D jogged and got cold. It was not ideal, and the town was not two miles away. It was seven. If it hadn't had been for the kindness of a highway patrolmen, I'm not sure what would have happened. But I'm glad he came. I'm glad he picked up D, took him to town to get oil, brought him back, and let us sit in his car to get warm when we figured out it wasn't the oil and we needed a tow truck.

Our car was towed into town and we slept at a nearby inn over night. We thought it might be an expensive repair, but we thought we could handle it. Worst case scenario, it would cost a lot more than we expected.

Guess what? It was the worst case scenario. Which wasn't "it will be expensive", but rather "your car is totaled". That news was the beginning of two horrible days, which involved driving an hour to simply get a rental car, saying goodbye to our little Civic, hurriedly looking for a new car in a new city, and moving everything into our new apartment.

Now that we are settled and everything is put away, I have more of an appreciation for what occurred. It was bad, yes. Not ideal, of course. But it could have been MUCH worse. The cop's timing was impeccable, the mechanic who helped us was incredibly kind and let us borrow a vehicle to get to the nearby town (Draper Towing & Repair in Monticello, thank you a thousand times over), our car at least got us that far, we were able to get to New Mexico safely, we got a wonderful new car, and we love our new apartment. Overall, I am so grateful for the many people who helped D and me. It seems like there are always kind people wherever you go, helping you when you feel like all you want to do is bawl hysterically.

Thank you, kind people. Keep being kind.



December 30, 2013

0 the news

This blog has, yet again, been woefully neglected. I only realized this when I spoke with D's grandma today, which in turn made me realize I have a lot to share on this little blog of mine!

First off, Christmas was wonderful. All of my siblings and their spouses were there, and it was so good to have everyone together.

^^Cutest niece in the whole world. And she's getting so big!

^^My sister-in-law made these awesome beanies for my brother and other sister-in-law.

^^Someone got spoiled for Christmas. Her very own, brand-new computer!

We are a boisterous, teasing bunch, but I sure do love my family. There are wonderful things I love about each one of them, and I'm so glad we got to get together, have meals and laugh together this year for Christmas. I suppose I was especially sentimental this Christmas because my family will live apart this upcoming year. My little brother lives in Idaho, my older brother is moving to California soon, and we're moving this week.

Why are you moving? you ask? BECAUSE I GOT ACCEPTED TO PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT SCHOOL AND IT STARTS IN JANUARY! That's right folks; my six year journey is over! My dream is coming true. I am part of the graduating class of 2016, and as a result D and I are going on a grand adventure to New Mexico, a place neither of us have ever been. I've been excited and nervous, happy and sick, stressed and calm about the whole thing. It's been a roller-coaster ride since June, when I submitted my CASPA application for graduate school. After five interview offers and three actual interviews, D and I are headed to a place where we won't know a soul. I quit my job with my amazing coworkers, and worked for the last time this Friday. Everything is going to change for us really soon.

I got accepted in October and should have blogged about it earlier, but we didn't decide for sure on a course of action until three weeks ago. Every time we made a decision, something would happen that made us question ourselves and look into other options. It was maddening. However, I am very grateful that I was accepted and that I can finally start working in a field I love.

I can't thank everyone enough for helping me get to the point I'm at in my life. As we were packing today, I felt this overwhelming feeling of gratitude for the help I've received. I've had so many good teachers, friends, coworkers, family members and even kind strangers help me along the way. My life has gotten to this point because of all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So, so much lurve,


November 24, 2013

1 washington, dc

I realized the other day that I still had quite a few photos from DC that I never shared. We did quite a bit on that trip, and I wanted to share a few more of my favorites....

^^^We were lucky that the government shut down ended right as we got there. There were very few people at the museums, so we were able to see almost everything we wanted to see. This is from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, which was incredible.

^^^This was from the National World War II Memorial. Each golden star represents 100 Americans who died in the war, and there are 4,048 of them. The wall says, "Here we mark the price of freedom."

^^^Did you know this is actually the back of the White House? Crazy.

D's sister showed us around, and there were lots of other things I wish I had been able to capture with my camera. My absolute favorite was the Star-Spangled Banner in the National Museum of American History. It was huge and very beat up, but it's the flag that inspired the National Anthem. I couldn't believe we still had it, and that it was in such good shape, considering how old it is.

Also, I had never been back east before this trip, and now I can confidently say that I like it there. Granted, I haven't experienced the weather they are accustomed to, but I definitely had a great time with my in-laws.



November 7, 2013

1 brand new baby

Last weekend, my family and I went to visit my newborn niece. As you can tell, she's pretty much beautiful. We had a hard time putting her down (especially my mom). It was kind of adorable how happy my mom was just holding her, and how sweet my brother was. I can already tell he's going to be that dad who she's annoyed with for giving her too many kisses.

I've never really photographed a newborn, and let me tell you...it is tougher than I imagined. She did not want to look at me, open her eyes, or smile. I tried to tickle her once and she cried. I apologized and she stopped crying, but she still gave me that "'knock-it-off-Auntie-Kenna" look.

That being said, I loooooooved taking pictures of her, and I already love her mucho mucho.

Bluuuurgh. Just looking at these pictures makes me want to cover her little face in kisses.



October 16, 2013

2 new york, new york

This week D had fall break, so we decided to visit his sister, who lives in Washington, D.C. Since the government wasn't quite ready to be open when we arrived, we decided to head to New York for the first couple of days we were here.

 ^^^Aaaaaah! We are HUGE "30 Rock" fans, so this was uber exciting. Also, the shop here was strangely wonderful. We were very close to buying many, many things we didn't need at all.

^^^Love it.
 ^^^A friend from work recommended we visit the 9/11 memorial, which we did. It was beautiful. You can read more about it here.

 ^^^A selfie with a camera that is too nice for selfies (sorry camera buddy).

We also got to see an Upright Citizens Brigade show, which was really fun. We walked or took public transit everywhere, so both of us were wiped out by the end of our two day adventure. But man! It was a blast. I've discovered a new favorite food (vodka sauce pizza.....I could've eaten five more pieces) and explored NY with one of my best friends. I'm excited for what's coming up! We're here until Sunday, so exploring D.C. is definitely next.

Much lurve and stuff,